My Name: Mike Hersman.  Above is a view from my home office window. In Jacksonville FL

This is the address of  our base or home of several blogs.  We appreciate you interest. Our goal is to attract interested parties who want to use us to increase more contacts while also developing more friends.    Our goal is to create a family of friends, business affiliates and contacts to spread the word as well as bring us all together.

To get to know me, I’ve created a short background below, to help you know who you are working with.


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  1. dukeofjax Says:

    Background: MIKE HERSMAN
    Born in Midwest (IOWA), educated in a small town, on to college at U. Of Iowa and
    U. Of Northern Iowa, drafted into Army, served mostly in Germany. Upon return to civilian life, I went into the business of Finance; Animal feed sales, then to Miami, FL. with International Engineering, Design and Build Co.

    I’ve held positions in well know, large national companies; Associates Investment, as Branch Manager, Ralston Purina, as Regional Sales Manager, Lang Engineering, as International Sales Manager, Purchasing Director, Contract Manager and ultimately General Manager.

    After leaving my last large company I began investing in and operating several companies that were involved in Sales, Independent Manufacture Representative, Design and a Manufacturing Co.

    Throughout my life I have had the opportunity to travel to the Far East, Europe, North, South and Central America plus the Caribbean islands multiple times. I’ve also been in all U.S. States with the exception of three.

    In the companies I owned, I actively operated each company as Board Chairman and CEO.

    Subsequently, I retired and found that unacceptable and boring. I then began another firm that specializes in Internet Marketing and operates several Web sites and Blogs. I operate this from my home office, In Jacksonville Fl., which is perfect for me. I live close to shopping and major transportation facilities with major roads that lead to the North, West and South, a half hour from the ocean. I reside in a 3/2 ground floor apartment, on a lake, with a great fountain view. I have freedom from home maintaince and the liberty to lock the door, with security provided, and travel as I please. It’s a life style I love.

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